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Is one of the systems of data storage more important today, where millions of users have opted to get an account where you can store any kind of files with different formats that you can go keeping in your profile. Best of all is that it offers a free version and another payment so you can find the best performance with respect to save each of your contacts, documents, videos, MP3 files, among other things that may not be considered. Would you like to open a Dropbox Free account?, then read this, because we will try to explain you step by step from registering a free DropBox account to log in to DropBox so you can become one of the main tools that you have in mind at this point.

How to open a free Dropbox account?.

We previously mentioned that you can record two types of accounts, the free version and the cost where users can choose a greater capacity for storing your files, so now, it is considered that you can experiment with a free account and if you need something better, you can then purchase other types of options. For register a Dropbox account free, must be that you place within the search engine that you use the word: Dropbox or you can also go directly from the official website which is: www.dropbox.com, where usually is placed in the language of your preference, will in this case have to appear the page in Spanish, making that users may have a greater comfort.

To the login appears that we put our contact details but as yet not have a DropBox account, it is when you will have to select the option to create an account where we will be sent to a new page where you have to fill out the form and that after all this, you accept the terms of conditions so that you can continue with your registration.

Login to Dropbox free
Login to Dropbox free

Install free DropBox on your computer.

Once you placed your access data, should you find yourself in you browser, it’s when we head to load a file that you will have to install and that this may take some minutes. It is necessary to comment that this application find only available for PCs, so it becomes a perfect way to monitor and manage each of the files that you have within this site. So why is that it will become an essential tool for all users wanting to go to saving their files.

When it has loaded you this application directly into your computer, is that you you must replace your login details so that after all this, do not pass by any kind of complications when you try to go to organizing files that you plan to go sent. Also, you have to comment that it is recommended to restart your computer so that you don’t have any kind of problems once the installation has finished.

Once you’ve finished, you only will be replace your login data and to do that you can be on the lookout and as mentioned, control of best way you account of Dropbox free.

Login to Dropbox free.

As mentioned above, if you want to open a Dropbox account free, considered that you you must again go to www.dropbox.com and once you have been redirected, is when you have to put your access details to give you access to the main panel of this account. After all this, no longer you must have any kind of complications to be able to start using this application.

Something important to comment is that if you registered a Dropbox account from you computer/PC, is likely to display your registration information immediately, so you can send directly to the panel of this site. Otherwise or in case of closed session, it is that you have to enter you email and password. It is important to note that you can save your access details for entering, you may be redirected without having to place such data and everything to be faster, but this depends on each user and their preferences to want to use it.

Verify Dropbox account free.

It is important to do this step, because not only to download the application and log will serve the account, if you are looking for is to share and store your files, then when you’re inside the control panel, you’ll have to go to the top where it appears you name of user or personal name and in the part Setup = > profile = > personal email.

If you are in this section, then only have to press the option verify email account doing to send you an email so that you have to be verified and to begin to work immediately.

Download Dropbox free on mobile devices.

You can download Dropbox on mobile devices?, the answer It is Yes and you can find the application Dropbox for Android, where you can start your account details and you can from any downloads as well as store all data you have within you Smartphone using Android. Why is that it becomes an indispensable tool or application that you have to take anywhere.

In the case of users with a, iOS found DropBox for iPhone or iPad so you can still control your files. Remember that to the log in to Dropbox free, will only have 2 GB free to store whatever you want, if you want to increase your capacity, you can see any plans that are offered to you.

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